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Next Level Recovery: Muscle Reactivation Training!

You have probably seen photos and videos about it lately, but what exactly is MRT, how does it work, and can it help you?

MRT, or Muscle Reactivation Training, is a relatively new combination of muscle manipulation, EMS, tooling, and a variety of cupping techniques used in conjunction to increase soft tissue health. At the request a personal friend and chiropractor Brian Watters (of Indy Muscle and Joint) Ben Barkes decided to offer a personal training service that aims to correct small muscular issues before they become big ones and assist with alleviating joint pain caused by tight muscles.

(pictured above: Ben works on Jake's injured pectoral girdle to reduce pain and minimize future injury)

MRT can be used for variety of situations. "Typically if someone is having pain while exercising, my training can be beneficial. I've had people come for sciatic pain, I've had people come for lack of ROM in their shoulders, elbows, or upper back for which I use assisted stretching to address muscular imbalances rather than chiropractic adjustments. Stress related tension, tight traps, or muscle tightness can also be alleviated by these techniques."

Although all of these techniques can be used by trainers, the idea of combining them to provide a training session that increases ROM, corrects muscular imbalances, and relieves pain is unique to Ben.

"I wanted to bridge the gap between massage therapy, chiropractic work and physical therapists; preventative maintenance that can help the other therapy options be more effective. I am not a type of therapy or treatment, I simply work with clients that have injuries or muscle imbalances to help with atrophy and introduce them back into the gym."

As a trainer, Ben doesn't diagnose or prescribe treatment, but using methods like EMS and assisted stretching, he can relieve pain temporarily and assist whatever therapy treatments are currently being used.

After her session with Ben, Jacqueline Sobotka shared on her instagram that "My hips felt relaxed and I could definitely tell that I was firing my muscle fibers more effectively." She also said "I absolutely loved it! I will do it again.. and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to develop lagging body parts, to help with posture, ROM and/ or [anyone] dealing with pain.

Here at Barkes, we try to provide everything you could possibly need to succeed and that includes recovery! Reach out to Ben or pick a time here to schedule a time to meet!

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