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Fix your "Tech Neck": Correcting your posture without expensive gadgets

Tech neck: cervical kyphosis. Essentially, technology has us looking down more than ever before in history, and it is affecting our entire population's posture!

What exactly is happening here? By tilting your head down, your head becomes much heavier so the muscles in your neck and back are compensating by changing the rest of your posture. The picture below is an example of tech neck vs standard posture:

Correcting posture can reduce tension headaches, elevate mood, increase height, strength and increase confidence. Although there are plenty of straps and gadgets available online, most of them are uncomfortable and will exacerbate the issue by weakening your muscles further. The best way to fix Tech neck is stretching and a handful of quick exercises.


Although the majority of these issues are from the neck area, we should start with a chest stretch. Stretching the chest muscles while strengthening the upper back is a natural way to pull the shoulders back and the scapula back and down.

Grab a door frame at the same height as your ear and lean out to stretch your pectoral muscles. Hold for 15 seconds and release, stretching both sides 2-3x.

Next, lean your back up against the wall and place your arms against the wall as well. slide your hands up the wall until your arms are straight about your head. Make sure your lower back doesn't come off the wall. hold for 15 seconds and repeat 2-3x.

Focusing on the neck, a simple stretch using a door frame, the pigeon neck stretch, will help tighten the muscles in the front of your neck while stretching the ones in the back. This will reposition your head over your spine. Press your back and shoulder blades against the inside of the door frame, reach back and grab the door frame, and press your head back and up until it touches the door frame. Try not to simply tilt your head back, rather reach up and back with the crown of your head.

Setting up a morning or evening routine with these stretches will quickly improve your posture!

Along with a stretching routine, strength exercise (particularly, back exercises) will help to strengthen up the proper muscles to assist with posture correction.

If you have questions about an individualized regimen to correct your posture, this is article is a great place to start, but feel free to reach out to our team at Barkes and we would love to help!

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