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After 3 years of cultivating the atmosphere they felt God wanted them to bring people into once again Barkes Fitness expanded. "I got that itch again. I got it in me that we needed a bigger location and to offer gym memberships as well." In November of 2014, Barkes Fitness did just that. 

Barkes Fitness found their new home in Lawrence, where they continued to flourish until 2019. In October of 2019, the Barkes team felt a call to expand yet again and move the facility to Fishers. Since the move, Amanda has introduced several new aspects to include 24 hour access for members, personal training, and group leg days!


The Barkes Family

Amanda Barkes will tell you she and her husband have two things going for them; God and a passion for health and fitness

In 2009, Ben was working for a local gym in Indianapolis, when he received word the gym would be closing. After attempting a door to door sales position, Ben was encouraged to start his own small business as a personal trainer and encouraged Amanda to follow. Starting in a one car garage with no more than a dream, passion to change lives, and a few small hand me down exercise equipment pieces, Barkes Fitness was born.

It didn't take long before they needed more space. With caution thrown to the wind, they moved into downtown Indianapolis, to a 600 square foot studio. This served as home for the next year. It became apparent they needed to find a new space. To ask, "I didn't even question it. I knew God had a bigger plan for us then that space." So Barkes Fitness expanded to over 3,000 square feet. 

Team Barkes that we now refer to as the "Barkes Family" has changed since it's beginning but the atmosphere is better than ever. More trainers have been added and Tyler Ratcliffe now serves as our lead contact. 

Today Barkes Fitness is owned solely by Amanda Barkes, while Ben continues to expand their reach in the health and fitness industry, through outside ventures. 

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